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The IFCR Awards Its First Research Grant

10/5/2010 The International Foundation for CDKL5 Research is pleased to announce that it has just awarded its first research grant.  The grant was awarded to Elena Amendola, PhD, from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Italy.  The project “Model of CDKL5 Rett syndrome” will occur in three phases:  First, the development of a mouse model for CDKL5, by Dr. Amendola, followed by the development of monoclonal Antibodies for CDKL5, and then a study of downstream targets of the CDKL5 protein, carried out in collaboration with scientists at Purdue University, Indiana.
This grant will focus exclusively on CDKL5 and is in partnership with the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.  Dr. Katheryn Elibri-Frame President of IFCR commented on the partnership award to Dr. Amendola saying; "Our shared goals and research endeavors will benefit children affected by both CDKL5 and Rett syndrome and we are proud to partner with IRSF in co-funding this project. Finding a cure is our top priority and this is a critical step forward.”
The IFCR was formed in September 2009 and its mission is to lead the way in finding a cure and treatments for CDKL5 disorders by funding global research efforts, and increasing awareness of CDKL5 disorders, while enhancing the quality of life for those affected by CDKL5 disorders, by providing information, programs, and services.
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