With the recent news about COVID-19 in our communities, we know there is concern. The situation is changing day-to-day; staying up-to-date is the best remedy. Resources to do so include the CDC website, your local Children’s Hospital, and your primary care provider. Please do not assume that clinic visits or clinical trial visits are canceled unless your medical provider notifies you. Both of these are considered medically necessary; contact your provider with any questions or concerns.

Here are informative links to the CDC which are updated regularly:
Their FAQs regarding prevention and treatment:

Other suggestions related to our patients and caregivers:

  1. Wash your hands and patient’s hands several times daily
  2. Do not touch your face
  3. Ill caregivers should reduce or eliminate contact and self-isolate per CDC guidelines
  4. Wash surfaces, toys, devices and other items that are in contact with patients hands with disinfecting wipes several times daily
  5. Caregivers that touch items and surfaces that are in contact with patients hands should wash hands immediately before and after touching these surfaces; this includes wheelchairs
  6. School and therapy should continue unless in a highly endemic area where schools are closed, per CDC guidelines
  7. Mask guidelines: see CDC website:
  8. Follow CDC guidelines about monitoring signs and symptoms of illness:
  9. Make sure you have up-to-date prescriptions with refills.

The Epilepsy Foundation also has some helpful tips, including creating an emergency supply of prescription medicines at this link:

We are here to help and will continue to monitor and provide timely updates that are specific to our community.