CDKL5 GEMs – Give. Every. Month.

The IFCR is funded primarily by the generous donations of our CDKL5 families and their networks. Our families are courageous and dedicated, and they work hard to fundraise for us throughout the year. We depend on their efforts to further our mission. But what happens when a fundraiser is canceled? Or a family is so wrapped up in the daily caring for their medically complex child that they don’t have the energy to host a fundraiser?

Our families need help. And we need reliable support to continue our work. Our CDKL5 families depend on us, can we depend on you?

Please become a monthly donor to the IFCR today.*


How to enroll:
Simply mark “monthly” when making your initial donation via our website. If you’d like, include the name of a loved one with CDD. We will feature their first name on our GEMs Gallery Wall!

An extra perk:
You can purchase exclusive GEM gear in our Zazzle store HERE!


*You’ll receive an end-of-year donation receipt for tax purposes.