The First Annual International CDKL5 Yummy Mummy/Mommy Weekend

January 01


On Rare Disease Day (February 28, 2013), an international group of 30 mothers from around the world who know each other only through Facebook, will meet face-to-face for the first time at a weekend event they’ve named, “The First Annual International CDKL5 Yummy Mummy/Mommy Weekend.”

Though very different in culture and background, these women have found solace in one another and share invaluable information through their online written words during their children’s battle with a rare disease that is cryptically referred to as “a CDKL5 disorder.”

The CDKL5 Yummy Mummies will share the New York City experience through laughs and tears during a thoroughly thought out itinerary of activities like tours and fine dining. Besides a well deserved short break from the stress of being a mom of a child with special needs, the First Annual International Yummy Mummy/Mommy Weekend was planned to coincide with Rare Disease Day because no matter where they are, these moms are always thinking of ways to create awareness so that more can be done to help their children.

CDKL5 Yummy Mummies are taking Manhattan by storm to bond in person after months or even years of online and/or phone communication.