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Karly Goes to Prom

Missing one gene should not mean a little girl has to miss her prom
When Karen Diller watched her son, Kyle, go to prom several years back she said “I guess Karly will never have a date to her prom” and Kyle said right away “I’ll take Karly to her prom”. And a few years later he held true to his word. On Saturday April 20th 2013 Kyle, 22, took his 16 year old sister Karly with CDKL5 to her prom. “Karly and I had a great time. Karly loves music and being around friends and family, so it was an easy decision when my mom asked if I would want to go with her. The way I look at it is that even though Karly has physical and mental impairments she still finds joy in participating in events that other kids love to do. My parents, two sisters, and I sincerely enjoy doing whatever we can to make sure Karly does not miss out on life’s little moments. Missing one gene should not mean a little girl has to miss her prom.” Kyle Diller, who will start med school Fall 2013, said.

Karly looked stunning and we can tell by the look on her face this was a night they will all remember! Thank you Diller family for sharing this precious story and pictures with us.