We are a Finalist in the Pepsi Refresh Project!

The IFCR received a phone call today from Pepsi informing us that Cure CDKL5 has officially been moved into the final Top 10 for the month of October!   One of the previous Top 10 winners in October has been disqualified, and since we finished at #11, we have moved up to #10! We are now considered a “Finalist”.   Once the paperwork we submitted to Pepsi is approved, we will then be announced as “Winners” of $50,000 to use toward research! Thank you to all of you for your hard work these past three months.  In addition to  winning the grant, many other positive outcomes resulted from our presence in the Pepsi Refresh Project, such as increased community awareness and discovery of new families affected by CDKL5. Thank you to all who have voted and supported us. We could not have done it without you!