CDKL5 Awareness Month

June is CDKL5 Awareness Month

Each June, we work to educate and raise awareness about CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder. June has special meaning to the CDKL5 community, and June 17th is Worldwide CDKL5 Awareness Day. Find out the backstory of why these dates are so important.

Take Action

Give a talk at your church, school or community center

Reach out to your local media to educate people about CDKL5 Deficiency – here is a toolkit

Ask your Governor to issue a proclamation about CDKL5 Deficiency

Get together with other CDKL5 families to lend support and have fun!

Tell Us

Whatever you choose to do, we want to hear from you! Please tell us how you are spreading awareness and share your pictures with us. We will feature them on the IFCR’s Facebook page (if you haven’t ‘Liked’ our page yet, be sure to do that).